Search Engine Marketing

Experience, Knowledgeable and Certified

home2When you want to buy or sell a home, you trust your Realtor to ensure your a successful transaction and that your best interests are represented.  So… why wouldn’t you apply the same logic when it comes to online marketing?

Let’s face it, as a Real Estate agent, your time is valuable.  Your connecting with clients, following up on leads and building your business.  Do you really have the time dedicate to a successful online marketing campaign?

Since 2007, our parent company Strategic Marketing, Inc. has specialized in search engine marketing, offering custom B2B solutions for clients worldwide.  When you choose us to be your marketing partner, we take the time to strategically manage your campaign based on your business needs.

Keeping up to date on the ever evolving world of paid search advertising including policies and the latest features, we are your search professionals.  Proud to be Google AdWords Certified Partners and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, rest assured you are working with a company that puts the client first and focuses on a positive return on investment.



Home to well over half of internet searches world wide, Google has dominated the industry – so much so that “Googling” has been accepted into the dictionary as a verb.

It’s no longer just a company, it’s an action, an entity, and as proud Google Partners, we’re here to help you utilize it with paid search advertising via flat-rate placement and PPC management.



A worthy competitor of Google, Bing has quickly grown to be a favorite search engine among many, especially as it’s installed as the default on nearly all new PC computers.

With the success of the Bing it on Challenge, Bing is a search engine not to underestimated in the world of paid search advertising and as Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, we know how to get the job done right.

No contracts, month-to-month service on the Google, Bing & Yahoo networks!


Flat-Rate Search Terms

Fast and simple, flat-rate searches are the most convenient and easily managed ad solution for our clients with small to medium advertising budgets.

Benefits to Flat-Rate Searches:

  • Flat-Rate Marketing Budget
  • NO Contracts! Month-to-Month
  • Traffic Reports
  • 30, 6090-day Account Evaluations
  • Fast & Easy Setup!

Pay-Per-Click Management

With both flexibility and control, PPC campaigns are powerful way for our clients with medium to large advertising budgets to draw traffic to their websites.

Benefits to PPC Management:

  • Campaign Setup & Management
  • NO Contracts! Month-to-Month
  • Continuous Account Evaluation
  • Traffic Reports
  • Save Time & Money
  • Higher Quality Scores & Ad Relevancy

home3We Are Your Search Engine
Marketing Professionals

Being online is crucial to branding your website and business, and flat-rate search engine marketing is an efficient way to not just place yourself in front of users looking under specific searches, but also present yourself as one of the top choices for potential customers.

You’ll receive a consultation with a member of our staff to research what keywords or search terms you will best benefit from, what geographical area to target, and what audience it is you are trying to reach. Once a marketing budget is determined including our nominal management fee, we set up your campaign on Google, Bing and Yahoo within the sponsored links.

While we do not guarantee any traffic, clicks or actual monthly spend for any campaign, our support team will work with you to make any changes we feel are necessary to the success of your online campaign(s).