Social Media Setup

Helping You Add a Social Networking Presence

Social Media Setup: Networking for Business

newSocial Media has the potential to be one of the most powerful weapons in your Real Estate business arsenal.  Packed within the power of these informal and wide spread networks is the opportunity to connect with customers – and potential customers – across platforms that that are already within their fingertips and a part of their daily life.

As showcased in our article “Attack of the Social Networks: How to Utilize a Waste of Time,” establishing a niche in these popular areas can be vital and here at TAP: TheAgentPipeline, we can help you get started with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Your Social Media Setup Solution

Your time is valuable, so we’ve developed a social media solution to save you time.  With pricing tiers to support all options, we can do what you don’t have time to do: establish your social networking presence.

1 Network

For a onetime setup fee, we’ll setup the social network of your choice that will represent your business including all of your business’ basic information and custom graphics to match your TAP website.

2 Networks

If one network is good, two is great.  For a discounted cost we’ll set up two networks for you and if there’s an efficient way to sync those networks for ease of use, we’ll do it.

All 3 Networks

Here’s a convenient all-in-one setup option for these three social media outlets for one low cost, and you’ll receive page setup across all three of these networks with graphics to clearly represent your business.

The Secret of Social Media

socialMediaWhile your website serves as a wealth of information for your customer, social media is a way to connect with your customers on a personal level. Just having a page on these networks isn’t enough – you have to utilize it.

Social media isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it way to get your name out there. If you ignore it, it likely won’t work for you. Because they are designed for brevity, taking a few minutes of your time to post an update is an easy thing to do, and combined with the potential reach, it’s an effort that can prove worthwhile.

Luckily as your mobile phone is no doubt an extension of your business, all of these social networks run on mobile apps that can be used on the go.

Note: There is no guarantee when it comes to social media. Our service offers you the proper setup of these networks with a design to match your TAP website.




Essentially the current leader in social networking, Facebook is the top choice for both personal and professional marketing. Facebook Business Pages are a prominent and easy way to reach customers on the network they already consider an appendage to their everyday life.

Included with your setup cost:

  • Facebook Business Page setup
  • Graphic Design – a Facebook Cover image and a Facebook Profile Pic matching your TAP website

Required for Setup:

  • A personal Facebook account (required to maintain and post to your Facebook business page).
  • You’ll need to provide the email address associated with the above mentioned account.


Google Plus Social Media Setup


Google – proverbial ruler of the internet – has it’s own social network that comes with an abundance of benefits including a Google Map listing and being served up to local Googlers on a silver platter as a premier choice in the area.

Included with your setup cost:

  • Google+ Business/Maps Page setup
  • Graphic Design – a Google+ Cover and a Google+ Profile Pic matching your TAP website

Required for Setup:

  • An email address to associate the account with (will require Google Account creation).


Twitter Social Media Setup


Being limited to 140 characters has not stopped the stampede that is Twitter, in fact, it’s been found that news hits these internet airwaves ahead of all other mediums, so why not utilize it? Twitter is a quick and easy way to connect with customers – just Tweet to find out!

Included with your setup cost:

  • Twitter Business Page setup
  • Graphic Design – Twitter Header, Twitter Profile Pic and Twitter Background matching your TAP website

Required for Setup:

  • An email address to associate the account with.