Included CRM Software Features

We’ve done the research, we know what’s important, and we created a solution. It’s time for you to benefit.


The importance of making every dollar count is more vital than ever, especially in Real Estate, and that’s why TAP: TheAgentPipeline has integrated a number of in-demand features to ensure you can compete with the best of them.

From a quick to learn and easy to use interface, customization of pages and content with intuitive navigation, you’re new TAP website will have aspects to help you wrangle the power of the internet and put it to work just for you.


Custom Responsive Website

Given the popularity of mobile devices these days, mobile consideration is vital. TAP: TheAgentPipeline websites are built with a responsive design to ensure compatibility across devices big and small.

Lead Management

The cornerstone of Real Estate is your leads. With TAP: TheAgentPipeline, you can capture, manage and organize your leads, ensuring potential buyers and sellers don’t slip through your fingertips.


Google Analytics

What good is having a top-notch website if you can’t see the impact it’s having on your business? With Google Analytics, you can monitor, track and set goals for the traffic coming into your Real Estate website.

Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are automated processes that send a set of messages or content to sales leads at the right moment to move them through the sales cycle, something that will save you precious time and energy.

Notification Alerts

As a busy professional, you may not always have the time to sign in and check to see if you have any leads, however TAP: TheAgentPipeline has solved this dilemma by offering notification alerts for your account.

Social Media Integration

Already have an online presence? Make sure your customers can find you across all of the most popular platforms you frequent by integrating your social media accounts with your TAP: TheAgentPipeline website.